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Physiotherapy in Gisborne New Zealand

Welcome to Physio4Life

At Physio4Life – we’re providing a new dimension to health regimes: Physiotherapy, Sports Injuries and Rehabilitation. If you’re looking for the best Physiotherapy treatment available, then visit our friendly and professional team at Physio4Life Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic.

At Physio4Life we strive to attain an understanding of our client’s rehab needs and goals. We closely follow our clients’ progress to ensure that each person is rehabilitated to their maximum potential, often surpassing their pre injury level of flexibility, strength and wellbeing.

Our Physiotherapists are trained to offer the most clinically effective techniques – to optimize our clients’ healing process. Initially it is imperative that a correct diagnosis is achieved. At Physio4Life we achieve this with our experience and clinical expertise. To aid diagnosis; when needed, we refer to X-ray and diagnostic ultrasound and MRI scans via our close relationship with local orthopaedic specialists.  We then implement the appropriate treatment.

Whether you’re pro or amateur, whatever your sport or interest, whether you have a major breakage or a minor niggle—we’ll have you back doing the sport or activity you love – as fast as possible.

Physio4Life is

  • A place of healing, fitness, learning and fun.
  • A private environment where people can experience a unique style of rehab and fitness.

We have individual consultation rooms with an on-site gymnasium to accommodate rehabilitation programmes for return to work, sport and play.

We work with a network of specialists to offer the best level of care including Orthopaedic Surgeons, Doctors, Gym Instructors, Pilates Instructors and Alternative Therapies. We refer our clients when the need arises to maximise the effectiveness of our diagnosis and treatments – therefore decreasing down time due to injury.

Clients’ are consistently happy with Physio4Life’s results, ambience and friendly, positive attitude.

We offer a wide range of physio services.

We are ACC Registered and take private clients.

Please contact us.

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